Three cutting-edge choreographers set original dance pieces on three local professional companies to create three world premieres.

Now in its sixth year, the original Dance St. Louis production, which was started to elevate the work of local dance companies to a national level through collaboration with nationally recognized choreographers, returns for the 2017-18 season with a fresh theme curated by Dance St. Louis’ new artistic consultant Terence Marling.

New Dance Horizons VI explores the relationship between music and dance, with each world premiere work set to a distinct musical genre.

All tickets are $20 and available through Metrotix.


The Grandel

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17 | 18 Season Shows

TAP Dynamics

“The most moving dance show of the year…. three of the world’s greatest tap dancers…. a return to tap’s deepest and richest rhythmic roots.”

— The New York Times
Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards’ “And Still You Must Swing”) 

CHICAGO at the Fabulous Fox Theatre


— The New York Times

11th Annual Emerson SPRING TO DANCE® Festival

“St. Louis [is] a dance destination during Spring to Dance festival.”

 Chicago Tribune